Trust has a skilled team of property experts who provide professional property consultancy services for all types of commercial and residential real estate property.  Our real estate team works with enthusiasm and shares the same great energy as our engineering sections to provide you with the best tailored made solutions that satisfy your specific requirements.


We offer developers, institutions and investors comprehensive solutions whether they are looking to buy, sell, lease or develop any type of property. Our consultancy solutions are associated with various other estate services:

  • Residential and commercial evaluations                                       
  • Lease and rental agreements 
  • Retail and office evaluations
  • Personal and Corporate estate consultancy
  • Site and Regeneration Consultancy
  • Legal advisory
  • Property management                                                                                    


We have a total understanding of the local market and have gained sufficient expertise to be able to guide and provide you with the right and accurate advice. That would prompt our clients to make the right and not regrettable decision.


The goal of any investment to create an added value and improve the significance of any property on the short and long term for its owner, investor or tenant, in a dynamic real estate market. Since the success of an investment is primarily linked to the way it interacts with its surroundings, Trust makes sure that we harness the great potential of such interactions and strives to develop an investment with a view for large margin operating profits.

It is our responsibility to come up with innovative and successful concepts that are built on the understanding of the latest planning technologies, client’s finances and environmental factors. At the initial stage of any investment proposal, Trust provides property investors with a clear analysis and breakdown of the operating profit, development value and the risks and opportunities associated with the investment.

Trust’s primary property investment services comprise:

  • Full transaction process guidance for the seller or investor
  • Inspection on the environmental aspects of the investment
  • Technical focus on the technology, security and safety of the property
  • Documentation of opportunities and risks affecting the cash flow of the investor
  • Advice on the ownership and financing strategies

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