General Contracting

As general contractors, Trust handles all aspects of any undertaken project whether they commercial or residential building properties. We operate via tenders or negotiations. We work together with construction professionals, designers, architects, surveyors to estate and utilities managers. Our portfolio of projects includes property owners as well as individuals.

This service will cater for all project requirements by using the latest technologies in the various construction fields, and provide professional expertise and guaranteed quality and cost effective design. Project phases are launched with the initial enquiry followed by the design, preparation and installation, the actual construction and commissioning and finally handing over the completed project.

We employ a wide range of in house specialists. This enables us to be more consistent and have better management is control on the labour than most of the contracting companies in our region. Trust can provide it clients with a full manpower to handle their projects regardless of its size. It also means you can source these skills more easily.

Various types of projects undertaken by Trust:

  • Regeneration and restoration projects
  • Refurbishments and redesigns
  • Construction of new buildings, commercial property, retail shops and offices
  • Building maintenance

Sub Contracting

A general contractor is as good as its sub contractors. Trust has built strong partnerships with an important portfolio of main contractors. We are totally committed to deliver a highly quality and reputable service to our partners. Our technical and expert staffs excel at performing their specific tasks, ensuring that only the highest technical level of services is delivered.
Trust signs various subcontracting projects involving engineering and construction of commercial and residential properties.

We have previously collaborated with owners, investors and developers to perform one or a combination of the following services:

  • Electrical Contractor 
  • Waterproofing Contractor
  • Grading and Excavation Contractor
  • Site Supervising
  • Interior and architectural Design

There is absolutely no difference whether Trust is acting as the general or subcontractor, as we strive on our promise to continue to deliver on what is best for all parties involved in any project, whilst maintaining the highest standards of engineering and project management.

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