Trust has its name ingrained as one of the leading local architectural design firms producing high quality architectural drawings. Our team of architectures is highly qualified, and shares a track record of designing amazing and exceptional buildings. Through our legal expertise, we also offer our clients the latest in design regulations standards and construction permit applications requirements.

We consider our partners part of our work processes and that is why we involve in the design process from conception to final detailed construction blueprints. You can rely on us to deliver your ideas and concepts into real functional architectural drawings, while keeping you in charge of the design throughout the drawing phases. 


At Trust we share a common goal of delivering the highest standards of professionalism, work efficiency and sufficient resources.


Our clients have come to expect a top notch civil engineering service. Our portfolio is built up of various civil engineering design projects ranging from building and construction to whole site development projects. We share our client’s visions and goals, whilst they build and plan their portfolio, we continue enhancing our reputation known for quality and durable civil engineering services.

Regardless of the scale of civil engineering needs our clients demand, whether  it is installing a drainage system or grading of a site to full management and execution of a global civil engineering site design, our specialists treat all aspects of civil engineering professionally and attention to minimal details is considered crucial at all stages of any project undertaken.

With the coordinated efforts of Trust’s specialists, project leaders bring together all designs that realize our client’s aims and objectives.


Backed with specialist electrical engineering expertise, Trust provides complete electrical engineering solutions for buildings. Our wide-ranging services include energy estimations, supply and system resilience, utilities guidance, sustainable energy design and demand evaluation.

Whether our clients run commercial properties, retail outlets or sports facilities, we are always ready to understand their imagination and implement it in reality. We respond to challenging situations by innovative solutions that meets the demands of designers and investors.
We are responsible for the installation of power systems, elevators, and laying of electrical cables, systems and safety mechanisms. Our work is done in coordination with lighting designers and façade engineers.


We are leader in implementing the latest in electrical advancements and lead forward new ways to benefit our clients and reduce the causes of risk.


Our clients and partners are becoming more aware of the current environmental challenges hurdles, and as a result there is an increase in the demand for advice and consultancy to help reduce the environmental impacts. We support clients in reducing their environmental impact and integrate sustainable development mechanisms in their buildings and commercial businesses.

Trust provides environmental evaluation, analysis and waste management solutions for commercial property, buildings and infrastructure projects of all sizes. At Trust, we are capable of sharing our resources to meet your green initiatives and aims.


We are committed to help our clients recycle and reuse resources from waste residues.

In addition to our waste treatment services, we also provide septic tank solutions for buildings and commercial businesses (retail outlets, complexes, etc...), who due to lack of spacing are unable to establish a separate treatment system for waste. Clients do benefit from our proposed solutions as they are economical due to use uniform components, which are fast and easy to install.

Interior Works

Revolutionize your interiors and the home, office of your dreams. It is the final finishing touches and small titbits that give your whole property that magical feeling and makes all the investment in engineering shine through. Our specialists not only install tiles, lighting, and take care of  painting jobs, but they do it with an artistic and stylish approach.


 Our finishing services include various interior jobs:

  • Flat Ceiling and Bulk Heads 
  • Partitions and Dry Wall Lining
  • Fireplaces and Wall Units
  • Coving
  • Light Fittings


Trust acts as the middle man between your imagination and reality. Our interior design team uses the latest in tools and technologies to bridge the gap between computer drawings and the actual design implementations of walls, floors, ceilings and lighting.


Trust provides professional installation of mechanical building services aimed at increasing the hidden value and beauty of property and buildings. Mechanical services can be overlooked and taken for granted when undertaking the design process. However these indispensible services are what attracts tenants and investors to your property and apartments. Mechanical services tend be efficient us resource dependability and can be easily monitored and readjusted.

Major mechanical services associated with construction design:

  • HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning)
  • Plumbing and Sanitary 
  • Refrigeration
  • Household Water Services
  • Steam and Air Installations
  • Seamless Electrical and Mechanical Integration


With flawless internal communication between various departments already established, Trust can supply a fully harmonized Mechanical and Electrical service, where our clients would benefit from seamless support and integration.

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